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Make the Change is a voluntary programme based on the theory that violence and abuse are used to control people’s behaviour. The programme is a behavioural change programme, as opposed to anger management, for men who recognise that they are or have been using power and control to abuse their female partner or ex partner, and want to address this behaviour. This abuse is more widely known as domestic abuse.

Whilst we acknowledge that some women may also be abusers this programme is specifically for men who abuse women. The programme has largely been influenced by the Duluth and integrated Domestic Abuse Programmes but has been expanded. It is challenging and participative and men have to demonstrate their understanding of the programme, the tools used as well as evidencing changes in behaviour.

The key principles and aims of the programme are to promote the safety of women and children and prevent abuse and to work collaboratively with other agencies to manage risk constructively.

The programme is delivered by staff who have in depth knowledge of domestic abuse and extensive experience of delivering these types of programme.

Click on a video below to hear from men who have taken part in behaviour change programmes.

Letting Off Steam

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Using violence puts people at risk of serious harm and has consequences for the victim and the perpetrator. The aim of the programme is to increase safety by ensuring participants acknowledge the risk associated with violence and aggression and change attitudes and behaviour. The programme is delivered by experienced and qualified staff who have extensive knowledge of Domestic Abuse and programme delivery.

We acknowledge that some women may be victims of violence or abuse within their relationships, however responding abusively increases the risk of harm to both parties.

The principle of the programme is that we can’t change the behaviour of other’s only the way we react and reacting violently never makes a situation better whatever the provocation.

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