Survivor's Stories - Making the Difference

Emma's Story

Emma is a victim of childhood physical abuse and sexual exploitation. Police referred Emma to us to help and support her when she became pregnant and was suffering abuse from her partner. Children Services were also involved but Emma was worried about social workers. Emma continued to reconcile with her partner putting herself and baby at risk and the baby was placed on a child protection plan. The IDVA and outreach worker gave Emma a lot of support and encouragement and gradually Emma started to engage with support and started to attend the AIM programme.

After Emma had her baby she was placed in a mother and baby placement and with the help and support she received was able to move into her own tenancy. Emma is now living free from abuse and happy settled with her daughter in her own tenancy. She continued to engage with support and was supported by a volunteer for her final months in service.  Emma is now volunteering with us.

Aisha's Story

Aisha grew up in the UK. She enjoyed studying and went on from school to college and then university.  After she had graduated her family started to put pressure on her to get married to someone that Aisha had never met. Aisha tried to explain to her family that she was not happy with this and wanted a career.  Sadly the pressure increased. Aisha was taken out of the country for the purpose of marriage but managed to get help.

The Forced Marriage Unit helped Aisha to come back to the UK and placed her with us in our refuge Aisha has been supported, safe and happy that she managed to escape a forced marriage. Victims of forced marriages often face isolation as they are not able to contact any of their family members long term support is needed to make sure they are well not isolated.

Aisha is settled now in the community.  Whilst she was with us in refuge she volunteered for a few organisations and has now been offered a job with one of them.

Memories from Childhood

This poem was forwarded to us by someone who remembers domestic abuse being inflicted on his mum, and him, during his childhood.  Now, at 52 years old, the memories still linger.

A Poem for my Beautiful Mum

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